TTU Saniat R’mel Airport information

TTU Saniat R’mel Airport general information :

Saniat R’mel Airport is categorized as a medium airport in our listing because of its 7546 runway. The airport is located in Morocco, in the Tétouan Province‘s region and more specially in the municipality of T��touan.

Saniat R’mel Airport’s website (if available) Saniat R’mel Airport’s Wiki (if available)

TTU Saniat R’mel Airport GPS coordinates:

Saniat R’mel Airport can be located with the following GPS coordinates:

Latitude Longitude
35.594299316406 -5.320020198822
Saniat R’mel Airport GPS coordinates (Tétouan Province, Morocco)

TTU Saniat R’mel Airport elevation:

Saniat R’mel Airport has the following elevation above sea level:

Elevation (ft) 10
Saniat R’mel Airport TTU elevation (Tétouan Province, Morocco)

TTU Saniat R’mel Airport runways:

Here are the data available for Saniat R’mel Airport’s runway:

Runway length (ft) Runway width (ft) Runway type Runway light
7546 148 concrete lighted
Saniat R’mel Airport TTU runway (Tétouan Province, Morocco)

TTU Saniat R’mel Airport’s radio frequency:

Here is the radio frequency available for pilots that want to contact TTU Saniat R’mel Airport:

Radio type Radio description Radio frequency (mHz)
Saniat R’mel Airport radio frequency (Tétouan Province, Morocco)

For your information, we use the following abbreviation for the different type of radio frequency: TWR” (tower), “ATF” or “CTAF” (common traffic frequency), “GND” (ground control), “RMP” (ramp control), “ATIS” (automated weather), “RCO” (remote radio outlet), “ARR” (arrivals), “DEP” (departures), “UNICOM” (monitored ground station), and “RDO” (a flight-service station)

What is Saniat R’mel Airport’s code?

Here are the different airport codes in our database for Saniat R’mel Airport:

GPS Code IATA Code Local Code
Saniat R’mel Airport’s airport codes (Tétouan Province, Morocco)

The IATA code is the airport code which is the most popular around the world. This code is always available for larger airports but might not exist for smaller airports. The local code or the GPS Code are usually the preferred solution for Smaller airfields or heliport. As a reminder, Saniat R’mel Airport is categorized as a medium airport in our database.

Other airports near TTU Saniat R’mel Airport:

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TTU Saniat R’mel Airport flights

There aren’t any commercial flights available at TTU Saniat R’mel Airport. Private jet flights and shared private jet flights are another possibility with rates that will depend on the popularity and the distance to your final destination (in Morocco or elsewhere).

Fly-P2P allows pilots, operators and owners to post their flights on our search engine. What it means is that you might be able to find a seat available in a private jet for a very competitive price from Saniat R’mel Airport.

TTU Saniat R’mel Airport destinations

As mentioned above, there are private flights, shared private flights available at Saniat R’mel Airport. There aren’t any commercial flight available. Several destinations (international & domestic in Morocco) are then available from TTU Saniat R’mel Airport and the best way to find it out is to check our search engine.

We will allow you to compare different flight itineraries from Saniat R’mel Airport but also other nearby airports in the Tétouan Province’s region. Furthermore, our search engine will find all commercial, private and shared private flights available.

TTU Saniat R’mel Airport’s hotels:

Finding a good hotel in the Tétouan Province’s region can be a challenging task. Feel free to use the map bellow to navigate the hotel selection around Saniat R’mel Airport. You can always check the usual providers as well such as Booking, Expedia, Airbnb,..

TTU Saniat R’mel Airport’s rental car:

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TTU Saniat R’mel Airport’s taxi & transportation

We recommend you to use Uber, Lyft or KiwiTaxi in order to organise your transportation arriving or departing from/to Saniat R’mel Airport. Feel free to use the widget bellow if you wish to be directly redirected to service providers in the Tétouan Province’s region.