fly-P2P allows its members to propose available seats on their aircraft to other members. After filling a simple form, the shared flight will appear in the search with other commercial and private flights.

The booking process for a shared flight is different than for a Commercial or Private flight as the process is completely external to our website. Indeed, fly-P2P is only connecting two different members together (one who wants to share his/ her flight and the other one who is willing to book a seat in the plane). 

How to book a shared flight on fly-P2P?

The search:

The first step when booking a shared flight is to actually find the desired flight in our search engine. As a reminder, fly-P2P will allow you to find the best itinerary to your travel choosing between 3 main types of flights (Commercial, Private and Shared flights).

As you fill our main search form, you will be able to see all results in a single page. As default, we display the fastest itinerary first and you can use the different filters (trip cost, trip duration, flight duration,…)  to refine your search. Within our filter popup you will find that it is possible to only display commercial, private or shared flights. You can definitely select only shared flights in order to see the flights available.

The selection and booking:

Once you found a shared flight that is of interest, the next step would be to select the flight. Because we don’t handle the booking process directly on the platform, we will invite you to directly contact the member that proposed his/ her flight when clicking on the select button. You would then be able to display the full flight details and the pilot contact information to book the shared flight.

As mentioned above, you would need to directly contact the number or email provided in order to book your shared flight (see below our advice on the booking process). After you confirm the booking, you can continue the selection of a potential return flight if needed.

What to ask during your call with our member to book a shared flight?

Connect with the pilot

Sharing a flight is an unforgettable experience and don’t forget to personally connect with the pilot. He/ she is the one willing to share this amazing experience with you so the better your connect the better your overall experience would be.

Confirm the flight details:

The first questions that you should ask are about the flight information provided. It is important to ask for the aircraft tail number, departure time, departure airport, pilot experience,..

Confirm the pricing and discuss payment terms:

Depending of the type of flight proposed and the pilote certification, a compensation or a payement for your seat can be requested. This cost can be indicated in the flight information or will be directly communicated by the Pilot when contacted.

You would need to agree on the payment term directly with the pilot and answer questions such as:

  • When to pay for the flight?
  • How to pay for the flight?

We typically advise our members not to use cash to pay for their flight and to use payment services such as Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Paypal, Alipay, WeChat Pay,…

In accordance with FAA regulation, fly-P2P doesn’t operate any flight services. We allow our members to post their flights on our platform and to connect with other traveling members. It is the pilot own responsibility to check if he/ she can operate and to potentially accept a compensation/ payement for the proposed flight.

Define meeting point:

The meeting point should be at the departure airport but you could ask for more specific information to your pilot such as specific gate, door, where to park,…